Every human being is unique.

Every human being is beautiful.

All aspects of my photography can be traced back to these two principles. At the centre of all my work is the human being with his feelings, his expectations, hopes or disappointments. It is often small gestures, a glance or a movement of the hand that convey a message or a feeling and captivate the viewer of a picture. There is a strong pictorial power in these quiet messages, which I seek and to which my photographic process also subordinates itself. I photograph on analogue film. 10 pictures per roll, without the possibility of an immediate control of the result. Curiosity, an emphatic openness towards the person in front of the camera, absolute trust in one's own feelings and the abandonment of rigid ideas are essential for my pictures. The technical aspect of my photography supports this approach. Through alternative photography techniques, I create leaks or "dirty" light and deliberately provoke ambiguity in image areas of expected detail. These effects are enhanced by high-contrast analogue printing techniques. For it is often the details that can only be guessed at or are hidden that captivate us.

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You want to feel the fascination of film photography and experience the magic moment when you hang the developed film from the spool to dry? Or you want to learn the basics of print enlargement and need tips for your own darkroom? I would be happy to support you and pass on my knowledge to you in a workshop. The content, duration and timing of the workshop can be individually tailored to your knowledge and needs. You can choose an individual workshop programme from the following categories:

Film development

- Basics
- Film stock, chemistry
- 35mm, 120 roll film, 4×5'
- Black and white, C41, E6

Enlargements (black/white)

- Basics
- Photo papers
- Contact prints, simple prints
- Contrast adjustment, manual splitgrade
- Basics of the lith printing process


- Tips on basic equipment
- Chemistry, approach, storage, disposal, safety
- Washing and drying prints

Collodion wet plate

- Basics Chemistry
- Collodion application, development, fixation and varnish
- Light
- Possible sources of error

Please send me a message and I will make you an individual offer for a workshop in my Leipzig lab or online coaching on specific questions.

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13.05.-16.06.2023 Exhibition "In the Balance" Berlin

Solo exhibition "In the balance
Gallery Beyond.Reality. Berlin

27.11.2022-26.03.2023 Exhibition Wernigerode

Joint exhibition
Photographs - Corado Stock and Axel Schneegaß
Museum Schiefes Haus Wernigerode
Exhibition catalog and price list

past publications /exhibitions

Interviewed by Situatifé Magazine

Solo exhibition "Analogien" and book release
Galerie TscharT Leipzig

Voices on "Analogie"
"Mark Doerr I kollektivmaschine.de on Analogie on aphog.com"

In an interview with Thomas Berlin
"A good picture raises questions that I want to answer"

A few thoughts about my photography
"Why do we do what we do"


Virtual exhibition "In limbo".
May 13 - June 16, 2023
Gallery Beyond.Reality. Berlin


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